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Painting Tips

While aesthetics drive a lot of painting decisions, don’t ignore the math when choosing your paint. Figures like price per gallon and coverage rate should factor into your thinking, and other numbers are even more important.

“2 or 3?” An important decision concerns the number of coats you’ll have to apply to properly complete your project. A top-notch “traditional” paint job involves a coat of primer and two coats of paint, for a total of three. But you can achieve similar results by applying only two coats of a “paint and primer” product. Do the math and you’ll see that using paint and primer can save a lot of time, and maybe, some money, too!

“4 or 10?” How frequently do you want to repaint your home’s exterior? If once every 10 years or so sounds a lot better than every four years, then be sure to use a top quality exterior paint rather than an ordinary coating. Studies have shown that the best paints can last a full decade or more, while run-of-the-mill coatings typically provide only three or four years of service.

“100!” How can you be sure you’re choosing the highest quality paint? That’s easy. Look for an exterior or interior coating made with 100% acrylic latex technology. Most paint manufacturers put the number “100” in big, bold print right on the label of their best paints. These coatings offer better adhesion, greater flexibility in changing temperatures, and much more durability than other paints — the perfect combination to achieve superior long-term performance from your paint job.

To sum up, for the best results with your interior or exterior painting, choose a top quality 100% acrylic latex paint, and think about using one of the great new paint and primer products. When properly applied, these coatings equal painting success. You just can’t argue with the math.

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