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Puresilk Velvet

Washable, scrubbable & stain resistant sheen paint with a silky finish. Ideal for high traffic areas, cleans easily with water. Has an average spread rate of 8-10m2 per litre depending on condition of substrate.

Puresatin Velvet

Washable, scrubbable & stain resistant paint with a matt finish. Pure matt finishes ensure all imperfections & wayward brush marks virtually invisible. Has an average spread rate of 7-9m2 depending on the condition of substrate.


High quality interior & exterior acrylic coating. High coverage & superior obliteration properties ensures this product for the ideal economic choice. Has a spread rate of 6-8m2 per litre.

Plaster Primeseal

Pliolite incorporated for high alkyd resistance, Promotes adhesion. Acts as a barrier between new alkaline plaster & subsequent topcoats. May also be used as an agent on soft powdery surfaces & plastered surfaces.

Flexi Coat

Extremely tough, durable, scrubbable & fully washable exterior coating. It is alkali, mould & water resistant. Exceptional exterior durability. Durability of paint is increased when applied onto primed surfaces. Has a spread rate of 8-10m2 per litre.

Protex Coat

Textured based coating to bridge & fill all hairline cracks. Ideal for substances laden with plaster imperfections. Mica added for extra strength & durability. Most popular choice for exterior application. Recommended spread rate of 5m2 per litre.

Non Drip Enamel

Non-drip enamel produces a luxurious finish to all interior & exterior surfaces. It’s beautiful finish is resistant to steam, heat, yellowing & chipping. Ideal hard wearing paint for high traffic areas. Average spread rate of 8m2 per litre.


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